Our Story

Today I Want to Be was established in August 2019 and we started selling our first calendar in October 2019. For 2020 we featured Black women and their careers and for 2021 we will feature, Black men and Black women in two separate calendars. Each year we will add a different gender and ethnicity. So, for 2022 we will add Hispanic women and so on. Check out our products here

We focus on helping kids and youth explore various career fields through products and virtual interviews. As student co-host, youth are on a virtual panel with their peers. They are given the opportunity to ask the professionals questions they have written in advance. These interviews are an extension of the calendars we sell. Our calendars are unique because they are interactive. This is accomplished by having weekly goals for students, words of encouragement throughout the months, a list of three things that make these professionals successful at their jobs. All of this information is written by the featured professionals. Lastly we have the monthly interviews. Other youth that are not co-hosts can watch the interview on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. We host the shows LIVE, to give others that are watching the opportunity to ask the professionals questions as well. 



Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio and currently residing in Orlando, Florida, Martinique Brown is the Owner and Founder of Today I Want To Be. Growing up Martinique always had an entrepreneurial spirit. From having her own candy store as a child to re-imagining clothes with the hopes of being a fashion designer, there were multiple things she wanted to become.

After high school she pursued a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and pursued becoming a Retail Buyer. As she worked in corporate retail, she wasn't happy with the career path she was on so she packed her bags and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. There she pursued a Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) with a specialization in Collegiate Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

After graduating with her M.Div. she was not able to find a job so she began volunteering at a non-profit as a Volunteer Coordinator. To her surprise while in her 30's she learned of a new career field. Although she eventually got a full-time job as a Volunteer Coordinator she still wasn't content with her professional choice. While walking on this frustrating journey that lasted another five years, she never gave up hope to finding a career she truly enjoyed because she knew God created her for a reason. It wasn't until her contractual job as a Volunteer Coordinator ended in December 2018 that she decided to start her own businesses. She began focusing on the things she truly enjoyed and was determined to create a career centered around doing what she loved.

"I created Today I Want to Be to help kids and youth explore different career fields from professionals who look just like them. I want them to be inspired to pursue careers based on their interests and passions and find ways to create a successful, meaningful, and fulfilling life." 

Martinique Brown

Founder & Owner